Diploma of Leadership

First Year

Empowered to Lead

Through the introduction of foundational principles for personal and professional leadership, ministry and theology, you will be equipped to lead in your area of influence, whilst being grounded in a robust Biblical and Theological foundation. You will be given the opportunity to practice Christian leadership principles in your chosen ministry stream and in a cross-cultural mission trip, solidifying theoretical principles with practical experience.

Upon completion of the Leadership Diploma at Higher Education level, you will have:

  • Read through the entire Bible
  • Developed a dynamic and intimate relationship with God
  • Established fundamental knowledge in Biblical Studies and Christian Theology
  • Gained mastery in personal and organisational leadership principles
  • Practiced experiential leadership within your chosen stream (Full time students only)


The lecturers and staff at Encounter College are amazingly helpful. Managing my time between parenting, working, and studying was a challenge, and often found myself feeling I couldn’t pass assignments.
But I found everyone in Encounter College very positive and willing to help in any way.

With all the friendly support and assistance, I managed to finish strong. If you’re looking to start studying or continue your higher education, look into Encounter College today!